Introducing Generation Jones

Kidnapped, Hijacked or Rescued? Generation Jones Seeks to define those born between 1954 and 1964.

Introducing Generation Jones

I was commuting to Manhattan on Monday and listening to WCBS talk/news radio when I got the news.

Apparently, according to marketing consultant Jonathan Pontell who was being interviewed, the large group of people born between 1954 and 1964 are not, as previously cast Baby Boomers but are an entirely different species known as ( a term he coined) "Jonesers". This is a huge group of people. It is nearly a quarter (53 million) of all adults. This is a group that is too young to truly have embraced he idealism of the 60's and we are the ones who watched our older brothers and sisters sell out to Yuppism during the 80's. Jones has written a book called Generation Jones: Between the Baby Boomers and Generation X.

Mountain Dew fiasco

shows brand desperately wants street credibility

Christopher Heine. Mountain Dew's problems with cultural sensitivity this week culminated with the pulling of its "Felicia the Goat" spot today (1/05/13), after suffering similar marketing damage when the family of Emmett Till during the last several days denounced the brand's sponsorship of rap artist Lil' Wayne. The rapper negatively references Till - an African-American who was brutally murdered during 1955 in Mississippi after allegedly harassing a white woman - in his "Karate Chop (Remix)" tune. What's more, both developments come on the heels of Reebok, an Adidas property, firing hip-hop artist Rick Ross for describing what seems to be a date-rape scenario in his lyrics. Press Release Press Release, the largest online basketball database, resource to player, agents and coaches worldwide has retained Graham Stanley Advertising as agency-of-record.

In addition to its online database resource of more than 220,000 players worldwide, Eurobasket runs the number one international summer league which this year will be hosted by Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New York, Las Vegas and Cologne, Germany.

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